Why Turkey?

Advantages and Opportunities

Location: There are different cultures, different religions and various languages in the country because Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe sides. This country has an important strategic position, geographical advantages, historical value, economic growth and cultural richness. Turkey is a country that it is visited by foreign people every period thanks to its natural and historical beauties, the convenient climate for the winter and summer tourism. Many foreigners prefer to investment or to buy a property in Turkey.

Geographical and Strategic Value: The geographical and strategic position of the country is much more valuable than in other countries. The existence of the Bosphorus has been an important privilege in every period. Turkey, which is a bridge between Europe and Asia, has provided a functional role in the trade route. Turkey has also globally strategical position.

Climate: Turkey has the maritime climate due to the country being geographically positioned between the Meditteranean Sea, Aegean Sea, Black Sea and Sea of Marmara surrounding it from 3 sides. In the winter the weather is warm and soft. Winter and summer tourisms have developed almost anywhere in the country due to climate conditions.- In this way, Turkey attracts tourists, property buyers and investors from all over the world.

Beauties and Facilities: Spectacular seas, clean and sandy beaches, walking paths on coastlines, pure forests, natural lakes, great valleys, glorious waterfalls and stately mountains are unique natural beauties in Turkey. Many tourists come to Turkey from all around the world for witnessed of this unique beauty. Luxury famous hotels, entertainment places, historical places, cultural centers, rich traditional and modern restaurants draw attention with generally affordable prices.

Economic Structure and Foreign Investment: Turkey is following technological improvements in the world and strengthening its economy day by day. The state works hard to ensure decisive growth in the economy. Already, globally-known Turkish companies demonstrate that the economy is growing fastly each passing day. New companies and new workspaces with the support of the government also invigorate Turkey’s economy. The Turkish government supports foreign investors and buyers in the country and makes it easier for them to invest. Nowadays, the Turkish Government provides many conveniences in the matter of Turkish citizenship.

Visa Requirements for Turkish Citizens – Visa Free Countries

This year, according to Henley Passport Index, Turkey is ranked globally 38th country with 114 points on the visa-free travel index. People can visit 72 countries without visa thanks to the Turkish passport in reference to the report of Henley. Turkish passport supplies to enter 42 countries with a visa on arrival. Visa on arrival is taken in the airport without applying previously. Holders of the Turkish passport can travel 7 countries with electronic authorization or online visa (eVisa).


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