Mortgage in Turkey

Staff at Rima Real Estates can help prepare your application, of which you’ll need the following documents.

  • Address verification (Residence Permitor utility bills)
    • Photocopy of the title deeds for the property you want to buy
    • A Turkish Tax number
    • Apostilled and translated proof of three months of salary
    • Notarised copies of your passport

Once you have filled in the application form, submitted it and opened a bank account, they will initially give a pre-approval answer. Within three to four days, an expert will visit the property to appraise it.

Upon approval, the payment and handing over of the title deeds take place, and you can move in. Please note, Turkish banks will only give approval if the property has no existing debt attached.

For more information on interest-free payment plans or about getting a mortgage in Turkey, contact us via telephone, email or by dropping into one of our local offices situated around the country.



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