Investment In Turkey

Creating a real value to Real Estate investment

Over the past few years, Turkey has witnessed a remarkable development on all levels, economic, political as well as education or healthcare wise, or even Tourism development, which made Turkey a very fertile investment environment. 

  • Political stability 

Over the past years, Turkey has enjoyed remarkable political stability, despite the many political crises that Turkey had faced, such as the Turkish Lira crises, the 15th of July military coup, and many others unfortunate events, yet Turkey has proved its ability in remaining stable and strong. 

There’s no doubt that political stability is one of the most important factors in the economic strength, especially in the filled of Real Estate, which led to a remarkable improvement in the Real Estate activities and market with high exceeding rates. 

  • Turkey economic growth 

Turkey is one of the largest growing economies in the world. According to the official data issued by the central bank of Turkey as the country’s economic growth rate has reached 7.4% in 2017, with total domestic products exceeding 851 Billion USD, and foreign investment nearly 11 Billion USD. 

In addition, Turkey is one of the founding countries of (OECD), organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. Turkey has also adopted many European rules related to infrastructure development, which makes it a very suitable environment for investment, embracing local and foreign investors. 

  • Strategic geographical location 

The strategic location is one of Turkey’s best features, linking between the two continents of Asia and Europe, bordered by several Seas; the Sea of Marmara, the Mediterranean Sea and the black sea, making Turkey an attractive location for investors all over the world, especially in the Real Estate market for its big investing return. 

Therefore, the Real Estate market in Turkey has witnessed a real bloom and rising, bringing almost 9% of the total domestic profit, meanwhile the foreign investment inflows has reached nearly 10.8 Billion USD, 4.6 Billion of them comes just from the Real Estate market. 

  • Public services High Quality 

The quality of public services has developed significantly, from education and healthcare services to transportation and infrastructure, aiming to make life easier and create a more comfortable environment for those who live in Turkey, especially with such good healthcare system that complies with the international standards. 

In addition to its many airports, especially the new airport, which is to be the biggest airport in the world, with an impressive rail network and internal transportation, which create a strong motive to invest in the country. 

  • A wonderful tourism destination

Turkey is known for its wonderful destination that attracts tourists from all over the world, especially Istanbul, Turkey has whatever a tourist is looking for, whether it’s History, culture, nature or civilization and also costal life with its charming beaches. 

There’re some tourists who visit Turkey for its famous medical tourism, as it has many high-quality medical facilities, not only for cosmetic treatments, but also, for many other treatments in the medical field.

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