We are a company that serves with “Lifetime Earning” principle that we develop. 

We are committed to assist all foreigners who wish to own a property in Turkey and provide them with all necessary analysis and legal procedures. Owning a property in Turkey had become an easier procedure especially after the repeal of the reciprocity clause for foreigners.

Therefore, all you have to do is to make an official authorization for the relevant Real Estate Company assigned in the Turkish consulate or Embassy at your country and sending a copy of your passport to take the charge for you. 

When you come to Turkey to follow up the procedures, the concerned Real Estate Company is to provide all you need. It is also important to mention this misconception; about the necessity of obtaining a residence permit to be able to own a property in Turkey. It is not necessary.

Guarantee of winning when buying:  Because of qualified properties that are analyzed by the RIMA Property Acquisition Department and taken to the portfolio, our customers win when buying. The golden rule of trade is to win when buying. LIFETIME EARNING BY RIMA guarantees winning when buying.

Guarantee of winning when selling: Because every property purchased is taken at the best prices, our customers make good contributions when they want to sell the property and they will win again. LIFETIME EARNING BY RIMA guarantees the earning when selling.   

Our Lifetime Earning principle is built on; 

-Meeting with our customers in the airport, 

-To learn the needs of our customers and take them to the appropriate project, 

-Detailed presentation and finish the sale, 

-To provide advocacy support for citizenship and other procedures in the expertise of our legal department after sales to our customers

-To satisfy our customer by completing the purchase process smoothly.

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