CEO Letter

“We are a company that achieves success with the power of entrepreneurial thought. We believe that limiting the people we work with to a steady monthly income will prevent the awakening of the entrepreneurial spirit within them. That’s why we’ve developed the RIMA LIFETIME EARNING model. You will work with us for a lifetime with the principle of LIFETIME EARNING, which converts your monthly income into unlimited earnings.” 

Mohammed Zidan

Plan your future career with Rima Real Estate 

Building a huge unique company like Rima Real Estate does not only relay on its achievements, but mainly on its employees. We aspire people to share our vision and values, to build a brighter future together.

With our system in Rima Real Estate aiming to provide increasing profit “Lifetime Earning”, our employees do not fall under the typical definition of employees; they become internal clients and permanent partners.

Develop Your Performance

Creativity is our path, success is our approach, progress is our goal; it is not just slogans, but a commitment to reach the summit together, seeking long-term success, by encouraging hard work, innovative ideas, and sound performance.

Build your dream

Leadership and innovation are the foundation to what we do, in Rima Real state we always encourage continues learning and development, to raise a generation of leaders able to build their own companies and compete on a global level.

Seize every moment 

We believe in the importance of balancing your life with work, in Rima Real Estate we try our best to create a flexible work environment, to provide time for your family and friends as well as personal and professional growth.

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